Institute for Advanced Technologies and «Green Economy»
Institute for Artificial Intelligence and Metaverse
Higher institute for Digital Economy
Institute for Digital Security and Big Data
Institute for Digital Humanities and Social Science
Sino-Russian Research Center for the Digital Economy is a project of cooperation and technology transfer between Russia and China.

The Center has 6 research institutes. Each direction is headed by Chinese and Russian academics or experts of the highest rank in the relevant field.
Institute for Future Technologies and Innovation Strategies
Investment attraction
The project integrator — the Torch Group venture fund — will consider a possibility of financial support for the best projects
Market audit
SRC experts will assess the prospects of introducing technological products and services on the Chinese market, as well as help to customize the project for its relocation
Office infrastructure
Based on the results of selection, the Xiamen City Government will offer office space in the Software Park for 5 years to the best projects, as well as provide administrative support
International Acceleration Programme
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Solution Diagnostics
Administrative and financial support
Scientific and technical support
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not less than 1 month
not less than 1 month
  • Development and customization of the idea, direction, strategy
  • Finding a target audience in the foreign market
  • Marketing promotion on foreign platforms
  • Forming a strategy to enter the Chinese market
  • Project logistics
  • Language support
  • Start-up registration
  • Paperwork
  • Patent issues
  • Attracting investments
  • Grants and target financing of projects by the Chinese venture fund
  • Joint studies with leading universities
  • International exchange
  • Assistance for scientific publications in the foreign market
  • Providing lab equipment
  • Consultations of Chinese experts
  • International professional conferences and forums
SRC DE helps startup to solve the following issues:
Entering new export markets
R&D, introduction of new technologies, development of high-tech products
High cost of creating new industries and their development
Modernization of production in order to launch competitive products
We are interested in the following Projects:
Key Strategic Projects
Projects carried out by highly qualified scientists and specialists, on key industry strategic areas of the digital economy; corresponding to the leading level of scientific research; of high social and industrial relevance.
Science and Technology Transformation Projects
Advanced S&T transformation projects; with priority support for projects pursuing international cooperation in the field of digital economy with Russia and other BRICS countries and the Belt and Road countries; with prospects for further industrialization.
Fundamental Research Projects
Research projects in the field of digital economy, digital security, digital humanities and social sciences, AI, big data, metaverse, blockchain, advanced manufacturing technologies, etc.
Priority technologies for promotion
Enterprise digitalization
Smart security systems for manufacturing enterprises
Intelligent systems
Urban environment management
Machine vision
Logistics automation systems
AI and ML for digitalization and process automation of corporations and government organizations, advanced cloud infrastructure, IoT, products for Industry 4.0, 5G backhauling.
Cyber security, cryptography, computer vision, video analytics, anti-fraud.
Smart buildings, infrastructure monitoring, energy optimization.
Intelligent control systems and production robotization.
Smart machine vision systems for production lines.
Accounting systems, monitoring and tracking systems, warehouse robotization.
Emerging Russian technology companies with a mature product / technology in the field of industry 4.0., ready for implementation with a Chinese partner
Registered technological companies with a positive reputation in the Russian market and high export potential
Companies with a mature technology/product ready to be implemented directly or with little modifications
We are pleased to invite
Russian companies ready for technological cooperation with a Chinese partner
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Research Center for the Digital Economy
The Center was established by

Xiamen Municipal People's Government

Lomonosov Moscow State University

厦 门 大 学
Xiamen University