We are inviting potential investors, willing to support high-tech projects, and accelerators to jointly hold events for the development of high-tech companies
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Carrying out research on the international development of the digital economy of the BRICS countries, holding scientific forums and conferences.
Scientific research cooperation between Chinese and Russian institutions
Customizing projects to the Chinese market, attracting foreign investment, as well as providing scientific, technical and administrative support
Main Center activities
Training of international highly qualified professionals (industry, science, research)
International cooperation
Technology relocation
Staff training
Research projects
Potential for cooperation:
Joint acceleration activities
Expertise, analytical research for the publication of scientific articles
Investing in Russian high technology projects
Collaboration with foreign platforms:

Technological oarganizations


Xiamen Torch Group

DiDi Global

Innovation parks

Xiamen Software Park


Global Times

China daily

China Business News

People's Daily

Economic daily news

Publication in mass media, with the involvement of foreign experts
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Research Center for the Digital Economy
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Xiamen Municipal People's Government

Lomonosov Moscow State University

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