Services for adapting projects to the Chinese Market, attracting foreign investment as well as providing scientific, technical and administrative support.

Sino-russian Research Center
companies participate in the international SRC DE project
start-ups are selected for acceleration
corporate partners participate in joint programs with the SRC DE
experts and academics support revision and adaptation of projects
Our advantages
Language support
Individual approach
Scientific and technical expert support
Administrative support
Quick launch on the overseas Chinese Market
Scale up your project now!
Your project should be at least at the MVP stage to be considered for cooperation.
The Call for Proposals is open until 11 September 2022
Project relocation to the BRICS market
Project relocation to the BRICS market
Project acceleration
Project acceleration
International expert evaluation of your project
International expert evaluation of your project
Your result, you will:
Solve your international patent issues
Find your target audience in the foreign market
Develop your promotion plan
Register your company abroad
Attract foreign investment
Formulate a plan to boost your revenue
Customize your marketing strategy
Customize the product to a foreign market
Our residents' projects
Glycation product detection
Smartphone analysis of bioliquids
Non-invasive haemoglobin testing system
Water analysis in biofibres
Skin physiology assessment
The software and analytical complex for automated blood sample analysis
Representatives of the Russian side
Our clients and partners
The Center was established by

Xiamen Municipal People's Government

Lomonosov Moscow State University

厦 门 大 学
Xiamen University

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